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his year, the Salesforce Dreampitch has made its debut in Davos at World Economic Forum 2024. CEO and Co-founder Carrol Plummer from Vivent Biosignals secured the coveted Salesforce Dreampitch victory and walked away with well-deserved funding for Vivent Biosignals’ technology!

Salesforce Dreampitch WEF

Carrol Plummer and UpLink entrepreneurs at the Salesforce Dreampitch in Davos

The SALESFORCE Dreampitch

The Salesforce Dreampitch is an annual startup pitch competition organized by Salesforce. It provides a platform for innovative entrepreneurs to showcase their companies and solutions in front of a panel of judges, investors, and a live audience. This year, three promising UpLink Top Innovators demonstrated the prowess of AI + Data in fueling their solutions, addressing paramount challenges impacting both people and the planet.

Carrol Plummer took the stage alongside two other Top Innovators to pitch the groundbreaking technology of Vivent Biosignals and explain how Vivent decodes real-time plant analytics to enhance yield and promote sustainable food production.

Carrol Plummer winning the pitch

The voting was close, but the judges ultimately made the decision, despite the challenging choice. They were inspired by the meaningful impact these organizations are making on tangible issues in today’s world. Each of these organizations is dedicated to driving positive and meaningful change for real-world issues. Carrol Plummer secured the first place in the competition and received a funding of $50K for Vivent Biosignals

Interested in watching the different pitches of the Three UpLink Top Innovators at the Salesforce Dreampitch in Davos? Watch the full session via the button below.