Plants are talking, we let you listen in.

Harnessing biosignals to make agriculture more sustainable
Optimise growing conditions
Detect disease and pests well before visual symptoms
Check crop treatment efficacy

Our vision

We believe in “Tech for Good” and that every person has the right to plentiful, fresh food and a clean environment. By tapping into plant signaling networks and decoding them using artificial intelligence, we enable growers to increase yields and to reduce inputs like water, fertiliser, energy and pesticides.

Healthy plants for healthy people on a healthy planet.

As a BCorp certified company we are dedicated to making a positive difference for each other, for our clients, for our communities and for the ecosystems that support all of us.

In 2022, Vivent Biosignals was recognized as Best For The World™ for its positive impact on the environment.

We turn plant intelligence into new knowledge to drive regenerative agriculture.
For indoor farms & high value outdoor crops

We help growers optimize their operations with information direct from their plants.

Crop stress is detected as it happens so farmers can take corrective action as quickly as possible.

We send alerts based on the presence of general crop stress then run specific algorithms to identify the cause of stress.

For breeders & crop protection producers

We speed up product development and testing.

Resistant varieties can be identified in field conditions quickly.

Plants’ responses to crop protection are visible so treatment programs and formulations can be optimised.

For plant scientists & agronomists

We provide unique insights into soil-plant-environment interactions.

Reliable, convenient hardware and an intuitive analytical dashboard lets researchers focus on creating new insights.

Regenerative agriculture practices can be refined with real-time information direct from plants themselves.

Client Testimonials

“The plant alerts are perfect. I can see exactly when stress is occurring, and we are exploring ways to minimize the impact of these hours. This has opened new horizons in the management of our crop.”
Andras Szabo, Head Grower Zeiler

“We were surprised and delighted by these results. Plant electrophysiology can effectively distinguish those plants where the PDI (plant defense inducers) has been effective. We are very interested to see how this technology can help both in our research efforts and on the farm.”

Dr Sybille Lamprecht, Lab Leader - Bayer Crop Science

“For this study, strawberry plants were infected by thrips, the contamination of which could be detected after only 2 days with an electrophysical sensor. This means a significant time saving compared with visual inspection.”

Wageningen University Research

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Vivent Biosignals is proud of the results our clients are achieving. As a deeptech business, applying information theory to biology, we’re very grateful for the support of our brilliant partners: