Solutions for
Indoor Growers

Real-time alerts direct from your crop enable you to respond to suboptimal environmental conditions, insect infestations or diseases well before visual symptoms of crop stress appear.

Many indoor growers install our sensors at the start of each crop cycle. The sensor stays in place throughout the crop cycle. Growers receive email or SMS alerts when crop stress occurs.

Data can be integrated with other platforms including LetsGrow, Pylot with many others in development.


“The plant alerts are perfect. I can see exactly when stress is occurring, and we are exploring ways to minimize the impact of these hours. This has opened new horizons in the management of our crop.”

Andras Szabo, (Head Grower) Zeiler

“Thanks to the data from our Vivent Biosignals sensors, we’re off to another great start on our 3rd Dynamic LED winter pepper crop. These sensors are giving us data in real-time, letting us know whenever our plants are being naughty or nice. This data really helps us to optimize our growing conditions to achieve high level, sustainable year round production.”

Gene Ingratta , (2022 Grower of the Year) Allegro Acres Inc.