Tomato Plants
Helping grow more food with less pollution through real time detection of crop responses to environmental changes and a wide range of threats.

Breakthrough Ag-Tech

Vivent Biosensors + Unique Analytical Approach = Fast Diagnosis of Crop Threats


World’s 1st electrophysiology sensors designed for plants

Capture plant biosignals in situ

Easy to set up and maintain

analytical approach

AI and machine learning are used to interpret plant signals

World’s largest library of plant electrophysiology recordings

Continually adding new crops and crop stressors


Detect a wide range of crop stressors in real time before visual symptoms

Easy to add algorithms for new crops and crop threats

Stand alone to drive pumps, vents, lights or heaters. Can be integrated with other systems like climate control or nutrigation


Constant communication between the roots and shoots.

Plants are continually sensing and responding to environmental changes. One mechanism for transmitting this information is through small electrical signals that result from movement of ions.

Vivent Biosignals’ sensors record these signals and with our unique analytical approach, which uses machine learning, the signals can be interpreted. A wide variety of crop threats, including soil borne pathogens, can be diagnosed and growers are alerted before visual symptoms appear.

Using Vivent biosensors it is possible to detect threats like soil borne pests, fungal infections or nutrient deficiencies that are difficult to find with other technologies.

Vivent Biosignals is continually improving our algorithms and adding to our library of crop electrophysiology recordings.

Plant & Agricultural Scientists

  • Monitor plants for short or long durations, indoors or outdoors

  • Gain insights into plant diseases, biotic and abiotic crop threats, treatments and strategies to increase yields

  • Multi-stressor detection in 1 convenient device

  • Used by academics, agrochem companies, grow light developers, plant breeders & contract research organisations

Professional Growers

  • Monitor crops continuously to receive early warning of threats including soil borne pathogens, before visual symptoms appear

  • Real-time view of crop stress levels and detection of specific crop threats

  • Link to existing irrigation or climate control systems to automate growing interventions.

  • Coming soon – systems for diagnosis of field crop threats like fungal infections or soil pathogens

To ensure top quality threat detection and diagnosis, Vivent Biosignals has the world’s largest Iibrary of plant electrophysiology recordings and we are continually improving diagnostic algorithms and adding new crops & pathogens.