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As leading AgTech provider, Vivent Biosignals is at the forefront of transformative solutions, working hand-in-hand with a diverse range of partners to shape the future of sustainable agriculture. We work together with a range of partners, collectively focusing on developing products such as biostimulants, fertilizers, and progressive crop protection. A common theme among our collaborative efforts is addressing how to mitigate climate stresses such as heat, drought, biotic stresses, and poor soils, as well as discovering better climate-resilient genotypes. We also work with ancillary lighting and substrate companies, as well as breeders and seed producers, to ensure the highest quality input for farmers. At Vivent Biosignals, we provide data services to numerous AgTech companies, enabling them to make data-driven informed decisions.

how do we work

Plants communicate internally using electrical, mechanical, and chemical signals, responding to stimuli with characteristic electrical wave patterns. Vivent’s advanced technology for smart agriculture records these signals throughout the crop cycle. Monitoring 16 – 32 plants per hectare and provide real-time insights into crop health, responses to crop treatments and threats. By utilizing innovative electronics and AI, Vivent Biosensors detect abiotic stresses like drought and nutrient deficits, as well as biotic stresses such as nematodes and aphids.

Vivent Biosignals crop health metrics integrate with decision support tools, enabling an immediate assessment of crop treatment efficacy, leading to increased yields and improved crop protection.

Croptimum Trial

Monitoring of peppers and mandarin oranges in Spain treated with Croptimum, applied using drip irrigation systems.

Tomato and Bell Pepper Trial
Fundamental Systems

Vivent Biosignals reveals how plants react to nanobubles with both oxygen and hydrogen.



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