webinar recap

How Electrophysiology applied to plants can speed up research for Climate Resilient CROPPING SYSTEMS

Vivent, together with Recrop, a diverse consortium of experts interested in reproductive enhancement of CROP resilience to extreme climate and NPEC Wageningen, a state of the art phenotyping facilty that aims to unravel the genetics behind the interactions between environment and plant genes that determine plant performance is pleased to have presented a very well attended webinar called TECH4RECROP. In the webinar we discussed how extracellular plant electrophysiology can acclerate research on climate resilient cropping systems.

The Recrop consortium was introduced and opportuniteis for training of plant scientists were presented. Vivent presented a range of use cases, mainly focused on assessing plant responses to abiotic stress caused by climate change. We also presented information on measuring the efficacy of biological crop treatments that can mitigate environmental stress. Finally NPEC described the outstanding phenotyping facilty in the Netherlands and work they are doing that combines electrophysiology with other phenotyping systems.

The webinar finished with a lively Q&A session…..

Missed the Webinar? Via this page you can download the presented slides (PDF), watch the recording and/or book a follow-up meeting with the Vivent Biosignals team.