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Vivent is now working in collaboration with universities and incubators to share their innovative agtech approach and focus on developing the next generation of growers in the Netherlands

Swiss Agtech Company Vivent lands in the Netherlands to Advance Crop Health Monitoring

Within the Netherlands’ vibrant Agritech industry, Vivent, a crop health monitoring company offering what its Co-Founder and CEO Carrol Plummer calls a ‘Fitbit for a plant’, has been a welcome addition to the community.

Vivent is a Swiss-based deep tech SME which provides advanced monitoring for healthier crops. Its technology continuously monitors crops, providing alerts for elevated levels of crops stress. This helps growers to identify issues well before visual symptoms are evident. Their biosensors can help detect fungal infections or aggressive insects, providing real time and constant feedback on how the plants are responding.

Looking to spread its roots into the Netherlands, Vivent chose Westland in Zuid-Holland. The area attracts some of the worlds leading greenhouse tech and biotech firms with its world leading ecosystem for HighTech Horticulture. With the highest concentration of HighTech greenhouse architecture in the world, and a total of 4,000+ hectares space for greenhouses, its reputation is no coincidence.

An Ecosystem for Success

With its headquarters in Switzerland, Vivent wanted a location within the EU to expand their business that would enable them to eventually set up a research and distribution hub to service the European market.

A combination of potential clients in the region, a focus on innovation and sustainability and a welcoming ecosystem all contributed to Vivent’s decision to choose Zuid-Holland as its new home.

Its Co-Founder and CEO Carrol Plummer particularly pointed to the huge amount of agricultural technology being developed in the region, and the big climate computer providers who are based in Westland, as factors for choosing the region.

The Power of Agtech Collaboration

At the heart of Vivent’s integration in The Netherlands is collaboration. Vivent works with numerous universities and incubators to share their innovative approach and focus on the future generations of growers.

These alliances include close work with Wageningen University and extensive collaboration with incubators. This includes work with MassChallenge, HortiHeroes in Zuid-Holland, EIT Food System Accelerator, and Creative Destruction Lab.

By contributing towards the Netherlands’ goals creating a sustainable future for all, providing an innovative approach through collaboration, and strengthening knowledge and skills for the next generation of growers, Vivent’s focuses closely align with the Netherlands’ own goals. It’s clear that Vivent is cultivating green shoots for the future.