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Johan Wendt and Carrol Plummer, co-founders of IRRIOT and Vivent hashtag#Biosignals respectively met during the Mass Challenge EIT Food Accelerator Network in 2020. Recognizing the potential synergy between their technologies, they know they can provide superior solutions for farmers.

In 2021, both companies secured funding through the hashtag#EIPAGRI program from thehashtag#RuralDevelopmentProgramme in Sweden. Their goal? To develop bio intelligent irrigation and fertilizer systems for field-grown hashtag#strawberries and other horticulture crops.

Over the past three years, the teams have collaborated closely, monitored two full crop seasons of berry crops for Farmers in hashtag#Sweden and successfully integrated their systems, allowing crops to be irrigated using plant biosignals. Vivent Biosignals has developed new algorithms for early detection of nutrient deficiencies, while Irriot has continually enhanced the ability to integrate new data sources in their control systems and user interfaces.

๐Ÿ’š Vivent Biosignals is thrilled to share that the results of the joint development have been shared with farmers and policy makers in webinars, in-person sessions and social media. Interested in learning more about hashtag#BiointelligentIrrigationor the insights available from plant Biosignals? Reach out to Irriot or Vivent Biosignals directly.