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Maarel Orchids delighted with early value added from Vivent biosensors

In the first few weeks working together Maarel made changes to their temperature settings and the timing of irrigation after seeing how their plants responded to both climate and irrigation recipes. Building on questions they had about the potential to further optimise their cultivation techniques they ran short trials under different conditions to see how their plants would respond. Based on clear visualisations of the plants reactions they were able to alter both climate settings and the timing of irrigation to steer their plants more effectively.

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Vivent will work with Maarel Orchids using its biosensor technology to monitor plant stress in Phalaenopsis. The electrical signals detected by the biosensors can indicate abnormalities in plants.

By analyzing the changes in electrophysiology, we can correlate them with the cultivation data to gain more insight into the plant. This way, we get real-time feedback when plants experience stress. Stress can be related to climate, irrigation, screens, transition situations from high to low irradiation and when using LED lighting.

Maarel Orchids is particularly interested in gaining insight into how their plants react to LED lighting, especially after recently installing LED lights in various departments. The transition from vegetative to a generative plant will also play a role in how the plant responds to light. The goal is to help Maarel Orchids optimize their cultivation techniques and provide them with key insights on plant responses.