crop electrophysiology
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Hortibiz recently interviewed Vivent CEO Carrol Plummer to learn more about plant stress management.

Electrical signals are some of the fastest to transmit information throughout a plant – from roots to shoots. Vivent’s crop diagnostics system, called ‘PhytlSigns’, uses AI to interpret signals linked to plant stress and diagnoses pathogens and pests prior to the appearance of any visible symptoms. Early diagnosis increases yields, improves crop protection effectiveness, and encourages adoption of environmentally preferable protection solutions.

“At Vivent, we specialise in biosignals analysis”, says Carrol. “All plants use internal electrical, mechanical and chemical signalling networks to coordinate growth, reproduction and defence – and we are excited to be the first company in the world to launch a commercial crop health diagnostic system based on plant electrophysiology”.

You can read the full interview on this link: Hortibiz