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Canadian grade 11 student Corbin Carroll from Cochrane, Alberta is crazy about computing- not surprising since he’s the son of Vivent’s tech wizard and Chief Information Officer Caleb Carroll.
Corbin has just completed a summer internship with Vivent, looking for bugs in the Phytl Signs web Interface created by Dad.
In any complex computer system testing for bugs before going live is imperative, so this was important work. Caleb says that Corbin’s ‘unique approach’ to bug finding led him to successfully finding several key bugs in the web interface – clearly, a difficult thing to do.
During his internship, Corbin also learned how to build a Machine Learning model for the first time and even learned about Fourier Transforms from Dad which he described as “pretty cool”.
As well as computing he enjoys spending free time playing tuba in the school band – clearly a young man of many talents!
We wish him well with his grade 11 year and hopefully, he’ll be back de-bugging Vivent systems again pretty soon.