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Congratulations to two Post doc researchers working with Vivent on their poster presentations at the BiotICC Workshop in Alexandria, VA this week, where a wide range of discussions on how information and communication theory can be applied to biology took place.

Dr Hamdan Awan presented work on modelling multiple action potentials in plants with emphasis on investigating the range of these signals in a long chain of cells. He also presented experimental validation of his model using signals captured with a PhytlSigns sensor. You can read more about some of Hamdan’s prior work in this related blog post (Hamdan).

Dr Alexander Moffett who recently joined York University and collaborates with Vivent on research for DARPA’s RadioBio project modelled information flows, changes in phenotypes and population growth in response to varying environmental conditions.

The aim of the conference was to discuss the challenges that an information, communication and coding theory approach to biology must overcome to develop into a unifying framework for biological research and development. Hamdan commented “The workshop provided lots of inspiration on how we can apply information and computing theory to gain insights into a wide range of biological phenomena. I’m very pleased I was able to attend.