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This week summer student, Emma Raven, joined Vivent.  Emma will go on to study plant science so she is great fit for us as we continue research on plant electrophysiology using the Phytl Signs devices.


We’re delighted to be working with a summer student for 5 key reasons:

  1. We have some real work that a summer student could do well. In our case we have some on-going research that we want to extend and we want a good quality write up of the scientific method being used.
  2. We want feedback from a new Phytl Signs user on their experiences with our hardware and software. Being physically located in the same space as a new user is providing valuable feedback that we will apply in improving our product and associated software.
  3. We want some feedback on our social media presence and on some internal communication processes. Today’s students are very media savvy and we are looking forward to some useful insight on our business profile as well as perhaps receiving some tips and tricks on our social media usage.
  4. We are keen to better understand skill levels of students at various points in their studies to ensure we are defining future roles appropriately.
  5. It’s fun to have enthusiastic, curious, creative people to work alongside. Our intern brings a new perspective to our work and is asking lots of thought provoking questions.


We will provide a further update on Emma’s work with us over the next couple of weeks.